De Vernieuwing

Skogsfloating nodigt je uit om in De Vernieuwing te gaan staan met jouw bedrijf en je eigen leiderschap. Niet alleen inspiratie opdoen maar daadwerkelijk van het idee tot en met de uitvoering, met resultaat!

Offsite meetings: Creating Happiness in the Workspace

Happiness@work (a.k.a. work pleasure) is not an oxymoron! It’s essential to help your employees to become the best version of themselves. It’s not a state of ‘jumping for joy’; it’s the sum total of 4 pillars called PERK: Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, and Kindness (as defined by U of Ca Berkley)

“Having a sound, clear, and compelling purpose helps you to be stronger, more resilient, and able to tap into your knowledge and talents.” – Annie McKee 

The P3F Model from the Happiness Bureau: Purpose – Flow – Fun & Friendship

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For who is it?

For a team and its leader(s) committed to raising the level of individual awareness and engagement, within the group as a whole.

Participants who are willing to experience a series of self-reflective exercises, which will open up their eyes to their own individual potential and the team itself.