Accelerate and achieve transformation

Skogsfloating is a very efficient and effective concept to achieve deep relaxation in a few minutes. Space is created, in which you achieve a connection with yourself. It opens you to new perspectives, to listening in different ways and to deep reflection in a mindful state of mind.
In addition, Skogsfloating catalyzes processes time after time. A unique and safe concept for teaming and learning delivery. And that is exactly why organizations, trainers and managers use it for deep transformational / change processes in their training programs and meetings.

New connections and insights with impact

New ideas and other perspectives do not always come naturally, but we can clear the way for them to access the unlimited possibilities. Skogsfloating is a:

high-quality concept with a major
impact on transformation;

fast way to catalyze;

challenge to new perspectives (mind shift);

process accelerator;

creates profound changes by people;

simple safe space to connect / create / reflect.

That is why Skogsfloating is a successful concept for brainstorming, reflecting or talking to groups about different or difficult themes. Skogsfloating gives a completely new dimension to teambuilding, training programs and meetings. It can be described as: first silence (pause), and then accelerate.

"You immediately create peace and space in your thinking and acting."


What are the possibilities with Skogsfloating?

Schedule a MeetingBreak / BreakOut session that you can use perfectly as an in-depth element on training programs or team meetings. You can use our specific Skogsfloating Academy programs. Or become a Skogsfloating trainer yourself.

MeetingBreaks / BreakOuts

Would you like to use Skogsfloating in your training, but you prefer not do it yourself? Then you can book a MeetingBreak of 2 hours. We facilitate the entire session and you can choose whether you participate or take a break yourself. You can also book a BreakOut session per half day. We facilitate groups in and out of the Skogsfloating max 3 times per half day.

Train the trainer

If you want to use Skogsfloating yourself, you can follow a 2-day training to get your certification. After this you are authorized to use Skogsfloating yourself In the training you will learn to build. Skogsfloating safely, to use Skogsfloating and nature as an integral part of your training. You learn multiple international leadership and outdoor methodologies.

Skogsfloating Academy

What can we do for individuals and organizations? The academy offers training and development programs in the field of innovation, personal leadership, creative brainstorming, team building, vision and strategy development, inter-vision and are always tailor-made. The training programs are given by experts from different fields.

An impression

“Imagine: you put your head on your pillow and ‘almost’ fall asleep. Just before you fall asleep, your brain prepares for deep sleep and a world full of dreams. At this stage, your brain makes free connections between all kinds of things that are happening or have happened in your day. Good ideas are born here. These moments pass quickly and are usually easily forgotten.

Skogsfloating creates a similar level of relaxation, so you can actively tap into this source of inspiration and creativity. Something special happens when you lie down and rock while you watch the irregular patterns of the sky and the swaying branches in the trees. You hear the slumbering sound of nature, birds singing, the wind whizzes and you experience a feeling of weightlessness, of floating, of freedom

While our brain re-establishes all connections, space is created. New ideas, new associations and new perspectives on old questions or problems have the time and the opportunity to surface here. The round shape of the Skogsfloating space supports this effect. A circle is endless; no beginning, no end. It offers the opportunity to see and hear each other: everyone in his or her own place on the same level, equal presence, a safe, open and neutral place for training. A meeting in Skogsfloating invites more creative, open conversations than statically sitting at the conference table.”

Participants about Skogsfloating

Curious about the experience of others? Below the reactions of previous participants:

  • “Skogsfloating is a special space where, in particular, issues about vision development and innovation can come into their own. The strengthening of the social relations between parties is also stimulated by the special environment. It helps to use Skogsfloating in the process and to use it in different phases.”

  • “The team has realized that reflection is important in the development process, especially in a team that is always focused on action and operationally.”
    “The fixed roles in the group disappear: We are who we are.”
    “Reflection automatically becomes part of the conversation.”

  • “Nature allows moments of silence that provide genuine input into the discussion.”
    “You almost automatically go into a state of rest and then you feel the need to get started with the right questions. Not immediately to find answers, but to be part of the whole that is there at that moment and to make your contribution to it.”


Experience it yourself first?

Are you interested in Skogsfloating? Would you like to experience it and know what it can mean for you or your organization? Please contact us if you would like to participate in one of the introductory sessions we give regularly. Skogsfloating is located on the Kapellerput estate in the Netherlands. Do you want to book Skogsfloating? Or would you like to talk about the specific options? You can reach us on +31 651 788 994 or fill in the form below.

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