De Vernieuwing

Skogsfloating nodigt je uit om in De Vernieuwing te gaan staan met jouw bedrijf en je eigen leiderschap. Niet alleen inspiratie opdoen maar daadwerkelijk van het idee tot en met de uitvoering, met resultaat!

Offsite meeting: Bridging the Gap

This is not ‘another’ communication training. It’s actually a training to work on building the stress hardiness of you and your team. By increasing resiliency to situations, along with ones emotional agility, and creating awareness of the effects of ones communication, employees are able to proactively respond, rather than react.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Many (team) challenges exist as a result of ineffective and / or (mis)communication. Increasing diversity in organizations and in our relationships, only adds to the challenge. Messages don’t get delivered effectively or are intrepreted wrongly; tone of voice and / or body language can be offputting; cultural norms can be unknowingly overstepped. This all leads to increasing frustration, distrust and lack of engagement. None of which are conducive to healthy, thriving employees and organizations.

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For who is it?

For a team and its leader(s), committed to raising the level of individual awareness and engagement, within the group as a whole.

Participants who are willing to experience a series of self-reflective exercises, which will open up their eyes to the potential within each them and the team itself.